Spiritual Wellness



Shamanic Healer

The Healing Collective was given to Tracy in a shamanic journey. Through this name, the wisdom of spirit communicates three important messages:

  1. The Healing Collective is a healing center. A healing center embodies important qualities: compassionate, loving, safe, restorative and effective.

  2. The Healing Collective is comprised of gifted modalities & facilitators.

  3. When one individual receives healing, all of life receives healing, as we are all connected in the collective of life.

Tracy began practicing shamanism and energy medicine in 2008. These modalities answered her call for deep healing that permeates into the spiritual aspects of illness. 


At that time, Tracy was working as a Registered Nurse at Boulder Community Hospital where she noticed time and time again where western medicine was limited; she knew there was more for her to learn. She advanced her nursing practice, becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner, and her spiritual healing practice, becoming a Shamanic Healing Practitioner.

When one heals the deepest source of illness, balance and harmony are restored to the spirit, then healing to all parts of self can follow. We are most empowered when the whole trilogy within is fully optimized–body, mind and spirit. It is then that we thrive, and thriving in one’s life is what truly drives Tracy’s love for healthcare and shamanism.

Tracy’s first teachers to launch her shamanic journeying and shamanic healing practice are Roxanne Roberts and Jim Higgins of Sacred Hoop Ministry. Tracy has been fortunate to study with Sandra Ingerman, completing her 2 year teachers training, and continuing to stay close ever since. She also have spent sacred time with Ladamira, Siberian shaman; Jose Stevens of The Power Path; John Lockley, South African shaman; and Itzhak Beery. There are such beautiful treasures everywhere!

Tracy loves that shamanism is a path of the heart that teaches us to know ourselves, to live in harmony with ourselves, others, and all of life. We learn to walk in beauty. One of Tracy’s favorite teachings from her spirit guides is from a great time in the future, a time that is beyond the conflict that we all know in this modern world. In this future time, the Earth and the People taught Tracy that to live in complete harmony, as they do, they commune with the beauty of the Earth and the beauty of all of life, connecting with this beauty in every moment. The Earth matches the connection with beauty and reflects it back. And thus beauty immerses this existence. “As within so without.”