Spiritual Wellness


Shamanic healing is spiritual healing that heals emotionally, physically, and mentally.  The practice of Shamanism is the most ancient healing and spiritual practice. Shamanism is also a way of life. When one is living a shamanic way of life, one lives respectfully in partnership with all forms of life and with spirit.  “Shaman” originates from the Tungus tribe in Siberia, and means “one who sees in the dark.” A shamanic practitioner is a spiritual healer who works in unseen realms with unseen spirit guides to perform healing on often unseen aspects of self.

In a shamanic healing session, the shamanic practitioner enters into an altered state of consciousness by their intention and with percussion sounds such as a drum and/or rattle, and may also use medicinal plants.  (In my practice I enter into a shamanic altered state of consciousness by drumming, rattling, singing, praying and intention).  In this altered state of consciousness the shamanic practitioner accesses the healing wisdom and powers of spirit in order to diagnose and treat illness.  The shamanic practitioner has strong relationships with spiritual guides/power animals, and works in partnership with spirit guides to facilitate healing. A shamanic healing session can include multiple healing elements:

Extraction: Extraction is removing/extracting energy that is not supportive or that is blocking one’s health and wellbeing. This energy may be from toxic environments, consumption, thoughts, and other external energies and entities.

Soul Retrieval: As a way of compensating, when trauma is experienced, the soul can disassociate in order to feel less pain in the moment. While this is a coping mechanism for the moment, it causes weakness and vulnerability to illness in the future.  In a soul retrieval, the shamanic practitioner travels back to the original trauma, performs a healing, and retrieves the soul essence/soul part that was disassociated by the traumatic experience. Examples of traumatic experiences that may cause soul loss include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; a car or sports accident, medical surgery, heart ache from loss of a relationship or a loved one, addiction, and very intense experiences that were so overwhelming in the moment that they caused spiritual injury.

Power Animal Retrieval: At birth, helping compassionate spirit guides partner with us to provide protection and companionship during our life journey. A power animal retrieval reunites us with these spirit guides, after something caused a separation.

Death and Dying: Shamanic healing includes healing for souls that are crossing over or who have passed, to ensure a smooth transition, to help souls that have not crossed over and are “stuck,” to cross over, and to support families during this transition. Psychopomp (crossing over a soul) can be sought by someone who is in the process of transitioning into death, by families during or after this transition, or when it is believed or felt that an entity is occupying a home or space. Psychopomp may also be needed if an entity is occupying another person, which can happen for souls who did not cross over, are in a state of confusion or denial, and are seeking refuge in a living body. The thought of an entity occupying a home or a person’s body can seem frightening, but these spirits are typically not intending to cause harm. They are in need as well, and offering them help to cross over is a compassionate deed to them and their host.

Soul Purpose Reminder: Each soul has a purpose that drives its desire to incarnate into our human form. This ceremony reminds us consciously of our soul purpose.

After the shamanic healing session: There is an integration period, and still the work continues. After the session it is important for the recipient to continue their own healing and wellness journey.  Shamanic healing is a partnership between the client/recipient, shamanic healer, and spirit guides. During the shamanic healing session, spirit guides will inform the shamanic practitioner of simple rituals/practices & changes that can be made by the client, in order to maintain wellness, stay empowered, and to be protected from illness.  Learning to shamanic journey is a wonderful practice that deeply roots the healing work and offers a life time of incredibly rich tools. If you would like to learn to shamanic journey, check out the “workshops” page or one-on-one instructions.