Shamanic Journeying & Practice Circle

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Monthly shamanic journeying and practice circle.

This is a shamanic journeying circle for those who already have a shamanic journeying practice or who have completed The Introduction to Shamanic Journeying Workshop. If you are interested in this circle but don’t have experience with shamanic journeying, come to an Introduction to Shamanic Journeying workshop, and then join us, or contact me for other options!

There are 4 components to this gathering.

Part I: Body
We begin by connecting with our bodies, getting more present and connecting with the group through embodiment practices like trance dance, 4 elements ritual, meditation, drumming & rattling.

Part II: Mind
Explore shamanic teachings. The “journey group theme” will be presented to us by my guides.  There will be a short teaching regarding this theme. This theme is different each month.

Part III: Spirit
Journeying intentions will be offered that relate to the theme of the evening.
The journeying intentions that are offered are optional. If the intentions don’t call to you, please journey on your own intention. There will be 2-3 journeys.

Part IV: Transfiguration Healing Ceremony
Transfiguration is a powerful practice for self and environmental healing.  After learning to transfigure at the journey group one can easily continue this practice at home daily.
The results are incredible!

Please Bring:

– blanket to sit or lay on
– rattle and/or drum
– journal and pen and/or sketchpad
– eye cover/scarf
– presence, curiosity and adventure!

Dates, Time, Location in 2019:
  • January 3 6:30-8:30. Vali Soul Sanctuary @ 6717 Valmont Rd. Boulder, CO 80301
  • February 14. 7-9. Vali Soul Sanctuary
  • March 7. 7-9. Vali Soul Sanctuary
  • April 4. 7-9. Vali Soul Sanctuary
  • May 2. 7-9. Vali Soul Sanctuary
  • June 6. 7-9. Vali Soul Sanctuary
  • August 1. 7-9. Vali Soul Sanctuary
  • September 13th, 7-9. Vali Soul Sanctuary (Friday)
  • October 3, 7-9. Vali Soul Sanctuary
  • November 7th, 7-9. Vali Soul Sanctuary
  • December 5th, 7-9. Vali Soul Sanctuary

Tracy Shulsinger: 703-909-7 416,

Payment may be cash/check at the journeying circle, or in advance via credit card, to:
Venmo: Tracyshulsinger