Healing Sessions

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Time, Cost, Preparation & Integration
Healing sessions are available by appointment.
Scheduling is available via call/text/e-mail.
See contact page for phone number & address

Shamanic Healing Session
Complimentary initial consultation via phone or e-mail
New Clients: Bundle of initial session and integration session: $300
New/Returning clients: Initial or extended session, 90 mins-2 hours,: $200
Returning Clients: Integration session/Follow-up, 75 minutes: $150

Divination Journey
I journey on your behalf to receive answers, guidance, answers, direction for you, from compassionate and wise spirit guides.
1 hour: $100

Individual Shamanic Journeying Instruction
One-on-one teaching on how to shamanic journey. Includes instructions, journeying preparation that we do together, and 1-2 journeys (that you do!).
1.5 hours: $150

Distance Healing Sessions
Shamanism works in non-ordinary reality, beyond the confines of time and space. Therefor, each of the shamanic sessions listed above are available through distance healing work.
 Prices are the same as listed above.

**Sliding Scale is lovingly available for financial hardship**

Preparing for a shamanic healing session: It is said that once the appointment is made for your session, the healing work begins. This is because the intention to heal, transform and ultimately to become more self-aligned is set by the act of making your appointment.  Intention is very powerful!  Having an intention for your session is highly advised, but is not mandatory. To set your intention, focus on what you would like to attract into your life, what you would like to manifest, how you would like to feel, to live, etc. Notice that I am encouraging you to focus on what you do want, and not what you do not want. For example, if I am challenged by insecurity, fear, a traumatic past, etc. I could say, “I want to stop feeling afraid, bad about myself, and hurt.” OR I could say, “I want to feel peaceful, safe, and healthy emotionally, physically, spiritually.”
The reason for this distinction is because of the energetic force behind our words.
Where attention goes, energy flows.
What we say and think is one way that we interact with energy. Saying I do not want something , is still putting the energy of something out into my field. Even though I am saying “no” to it, I am still energizing this something.
Also please abstain from drugs and alcohol for 24 hours or more before and after your session, if possible. If this is not possible, please just let me know.
The more clear your energy is, the richer the shamanic healing session can be. This is not stated to cause concern or fear about not being clear enough- the work will happen either way, but when possible, come with clear intentions and as your unaltered self.
Prescription medications should not be missed!  Please follow your medical provider/plan for any routine prescription medications that you are taking.

After the shamanic healing session: There is an integration period, and still the work continues. After the session it is important for the recipient to continue their own healing and wellness journey.  Shamanic healing is a partnership between the client/recipient, shamanic healer, and spirit guides. During the shamanic healing session, spirit guides will inform the shamanic practitioner of simple rituals/practices & changes that can be made by the client, in order to maintain wellness, stay empowered, and to be protected from illness.  Learning to shamanic journey is a wonderful practice that deeply roots the healing work and offers a life time of incredibly rich tools.  To facilitate the integration period, it is also encouraged to abstain from drugs and alcohol for a minimum of 24 hours- more time is great!  After a session, people have many different experiences and they can change hour to hour, day to day. For example, some people feel energized while some feel tired, some feel happy and some sad, and some feel nothing at all, although this is much less common. The best response to the varying feelings, thoughts, experiences that arise is to fully accept them and trust your process. The most intense time is the 4 proceeding days after the session. You can see the effects of a session immediately, days, weeks, months and even years later. Trust your process!
I am available to support should anything arise that is troubling, for questions, etc.