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Sandra Ingerman

Sandra Ingerman is one of my teachers. She has written books and articles on Shamanism, is a leading visionary, healer, and teacher of Shamanism. The following links connect you to her website where additional articles on Shamanism can be accessed.

  • Shamanism: Healing of Individuals and the Planet, by Sandra Ingerman
  • For people new to journeying, her book Shamanic Journeying: A Beginners Guide is a simple read with a drumming CD in the back to support journeying at home.
  • For shamanic healing, her book Soul Retrieval describes soul loss, illness from a shamanic perspective, and how a soul retrieval ceremony restores wholeness and health.
  • For an overview of shamanism that Sandra co-wrote with other gifted shamans, the book Awakening to the Spirit World offers beautiful stories, teachings and insights from many cultures, spanning decades of experiences, plus many other wonderful books!
  • Huffington Post articles on Shamanism, by Sandra Ingerman
Sacred Hoop Ministry
Roxanne Roberts and Jim Higgins of Sacred Hoop Ministry are my first teachers and are dear friends. I began exploring shamanic journeying, then completed their shamanic practitioners training. Sacred Hoop Ministry is in Woodland Park, CO, 2 hours SW of Boulder. They teach beginning and advanced shamanic workshops, host drum circles and other spiritual gatherings.

Energy Healing Resources:

Eden Energy Medicine
In addition to the website above, there are also many videos on Youtube, and the book Energy Medicine by: Donna Eden is a great resource.

Functional Medicine Resources:

Video explaining what Functional Medicine is and how it helps treat chronic medical conditions:

The Institute for Functional Medicine: